211 Columbia Street Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 661-1925

The Pastoral Team works closely with Apostle Lorraine in the overall leadership of KEC. The team oversees the ministries, provides pastoral care and participates in all functions in the ministry.

Reverend Glenda Allsopp

Rev. Glenda. L Allsopp has a passion to teach not only in spiritual matters but also financial matters because she realizes that knowledge is power and sees the need to teach churches and individuals how to manage their finances.

Reverend Steve Montaque

Rev. Steve G. Montaque has a passion for evangelism and lives by the belief that “each one should reach one for Christ” throughout whatever position one may hold in the Kingdom of God. He and his wife Deacon Marsha have four children.

Reverend Margo Brathwaite

Rev. Margo J. Brathwaite is passionate about prayer and worship for she understands the importance of leading people into the presence of the God.

Reverend Carlos Maynard

Rev. Carlos Maynard is passionate about teaching and studying the Word of God. One of  his priorities is to communicate the importance of leadership development and mentoring in the body of Christ. He is married to Deacon Cheryl.


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